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tv   CBS 2 News at 5  CBS  November 5, 2015 5:00pm-6:00pm EST

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outside new york city. you should be focusing on homelessness and crime. so why are you here? >> we're focused every day on fighting crime. that's why crime is down. that's why gun arrests are up. that's why we have the safest october in over 20 years in new york city's history. i think it's absolutely appropriate to be here. >> reporter: the mayor came for a rally to highlight the need for the federal government to pay more for healthcare in puerto rico. he says what happens here affects some 700,000 in new york. you think new yorkers are your -- >> it's never wrong to criticize and question but the bottom line is this matters to almost one in ten new yorkers. >> reporter: what also matters to new yorkers is the feeling adequately with local problems and at times avoids tough questions from the press. like yesterday, when the mayor's press secretary karen hinton told me that asking the mayor a question at a public bill signing was off limits. >> we're not taking questions >> reporter: still, i tried. mr. mayor! will you answer a question?
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>> reporter: meanwhile, public officials also here in puerto rico criticized his policy of avoiding off topic questions. >> there's no such thing as an off topic question. >> reporter: are you taking off topic questions today? >> i take any questions from you that you want to ask. >> thank you very much. >> i'm going to refer them to the governor of puerto rico. [ laughter ] >> i'll take any question you ask. >> reporter: well, i asked mayor de blasio if he planned to change tactics and actually answer questions from the press. well, that story will be coming up at 6:00. live from san juan, i'm marcia kramer, cbs 2 news. a line of parked cars ended up smashed early this morning in brooklyn and police are still looking for the driver who did this. cbs 2's alice gainer has the story now from sheepshead bay. >> reporter: these photos capture the worst of it, an suv clearly hit with such force that it was pushed right up on another car. the car underneath now on the sidewalk.
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six cars in total were struck but by whom? whoever is responsible for this mess along coney island avenue took off. but this surveillance video taken by a pawn shop may help. watch the upper left corner of the screen. you can see a car get bumped forward by impact. lights begin to flash as a tow truck with a car on the flatbed drives off. that same tow truck makes a speedy right turn on to avenue r. late this afternoon, you could still see a lot of the debris on the ground here, this knocked over sign rear view mirrors shattered glass. at this point, most of the damaged cars have been towed away except for these two right here. this morning, we caught up with a couple of the drivers as they discovered what happened. >> i just came out in the morning to drive to work and i saw the situation, the car smashed. >> reporter: cops left notes on damaged cars. [ indiscernible ] to call them up. >> reporter: car owners were coming in and out of this pawn shop all morning to get copies of the surveillance video. >> very upset.
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you know? everyone has their thing to do in the morning and they come out they see their car destroyed they can't get to where they need to commute, it's a problem. >> reporter: the bright spot in all of this is that police say no one was injured. in sheepshead bay, brooklyn, alice gainer, cbs 2 news. new at 5:00 now, a statue of a saint vandalized outside a catholic church on manhattan's east side. police say a worker at st. agnes church on east 43rd street discovered that somebody broke off the head of the stone statue and left it on the ground. it's investigate as a hate crime. back in september, two vatican flags were stolen from st. agnes just before the pope's visit. a young girl is recovering tonight after she was grazed in the head by a bullet while sitting in her living room. police in asbury park, new jersey, say she was hit during a shootout between officers and a suspect. here's cbs 2's christine sloan. >> reporter: a picture of the 8-year-old girl in her hospital bed after getting
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stitches to her forehead that we blurred out. she was grazed by a stray bullet as she was watched tv in her house in asbury park, new jersey. this cell phone video captured what happened moments after the bullet pierced the siding of the little girl's house. >> me and my wife, she had to duck because a straight bullet. >> reporter: neighbors rushed to help the family last night. >> she said my baby got shot. when i came outside her head was wrapped up and i grabbed another towel. >> reporter: authorities say the bullet from a shootout between a 20-year-old named dante allen and an asbury park police officer who stopped him on the street happened in this open field behind the house on borden avenue where an investigation is under way by the monmouth county prosecutor's office. >> he did a patdown on that individual and felt a gun. the individual took off. there was a foot pursuit. dante allen shot first at the police officer that was pursuing him. the police officer returned fire. one question i'm sure you all have is whose gun was responsible for that?
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investigation. >> reporter: the prosecutor says they have recovered video that clearly shows allen fired the first shot. cameras on the officer's patrol car also rolling. but friends are coming to allen's defense. >> he was come out the store. the cops tried to stop him. he wouldn't stop. but he is a victim. he was shot. he did not shoot at the police. he was shot. >> reporter: the prosecutor says they recovered a semi- automatic handgun next to allen. he has been charged with attempted murder and having hollow point bullets in his weapon and on him. as for the officer involved, he is on paid administrative leave. in asbury park, new jersey, christine sloan, cbs2 news. >> allen is currently being held on $1 million bail. and the prosecutor's office is investigating this case and asking anyone with information to come forward. the british have their own theory about what happened to that russian jet liner that crashed in egypt. russian search teams are
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crash that killed 224 people on saturday. it comes as top british officials say they believe terrorists may have put a bomb on the metrojet flight. >> we cannot be certain that the russian airliner was brought down by a terrorist bomb. but it looks increasingly likely that was the case. >> egyptian officials say they found no evidence to support the claim. and they warned against jumping to conclusions. experts say it may take another month to analyze the damaged flight recorders. fell investigators are on the scene of last night's deadly plane crash in queens. the small aircraft was on the way from philadelphia to maine when it went down near breezy point. today, we're learning more about the pilot. cbs 2's dick brennan has more on the tragedy. >> reporter: pieces of the small plane were piled on a dock in breezy point as investigators tried to figure out why it plunged into the water last night. the national transportation safety board says it still is engine. >> we are still looking for a
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couple pieces, um, i hear they're out there still right now. but as far as i know, we have gathered most of the airplane. >> reporter: authorities recovered the body of the pilot, 57-year-old james mcgee. the only person on board the plane. he was headed home to new hampshire. today his brother read a statement summing up his family's feelings. >> despite his untimely passing, he lived a very full and rewarding life and will be remembered by those he touched as one of the most generous inspiring fun and playful people you will ever know. >> reporter: so the question now, what caused the crash? john norton says he was on the beach last night when he saw a small plane fly by. >> we heard this plane coming and we looked up and it was really low. and i said, that's strange. >> reporter: police sources say around 7:30 p.m. last night a 911 caller reported seeing a plane disappear into the water about a mile and a half off breezy point. >> he was joyriding around. i don't know if that was the plane that crashed but it was really low. we all noticed it.
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>> reporter: the ntsb says the two-seater had no data recorder but may have gps devices to help in the investigation. they say the probe will focus on three areas. overall we'll look into the man, machine and environment during this investigation. >> reporter: no word on the cause of the crash. the pilot was a former navy nuclear sub commander and went to harvard business school. he took up flying three years ago. he leaves behind a wife, three brothers and a sister. in the newsroom, dick brennan, cbs 2 news. investigators have busted a sophisticated international car theft ring. 7 people face charges tonight. prosecutors say the bronx- based crew rented mercedes and other luxury vehicles from rental companies at jfk and laguardia airports. the group then allegedly loaded them into shipping containers in the bronx and sent them to buyers in west africa. investigators say these vehicles are worth millions of
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[ screaming ] police union president pat lynch calling out the names of murdered police officers today in a rally on the east side. he was joined by 1,000 union members who protested in front of a stat ash straighter's -- the arbitrator recommended a 1% raise in each of the next officers. new information now on the policeman from fox lake, illinois, who made his suicide investigators now say lieutenant charles gliniewicz tried to have a village member! gliniewicz was apparently worried the official was about to discover he had been program. gliniewicz shot himself two months ago right after an audit uncovered the missing targeted by a thief while breast-feeding. kill me. >> hear from the mother mugged in a park with her baby in her
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how an iphone helped catch the suspect. >> angelina jolie's new revelation. the struggle with surgical scars could bring strength to other breast cancer patients. >> a new start in an old saga. groundbreaking today for a new and improved nassau coliseum. what's in store coming up. >> plus, some diapers to divorce. moms are getting parenting advice from a new source how you can join in. >> let's make it three in a row. three 70-degree days in november. will we have a fourth? we will, okay? i'll tell you that right now. how hot will it get tomorrow?
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we'll talk about it coming up. it took the rockettes years to master the kick line. but only a few moves to master paying bills on technology designed for you.
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e 0%ib oic neorgis u estt -favlae enu edt e stt t t pt.etio marking a milestone today on long island, a transformation of nassau coliseum is finally under way to try to bring it back to life. cbs 2's carolyn gusoff was there. >> reporter: a sledgehammer to the box office and so begins a new chapter in the long island saga.
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a public-private partnership to renovate the outdated nassau coliseum inside and out. >> we took that lemon and made lemonade. >> reporter: lemons in several varieties. charles wong's lighthouse project ruled too big. public funding nixed by voters. the islanders in frustration moved to brooklyn's barclays center. here today for the turning developer bruce ratner promising -- >> it is going to look like the pictures, which is beautiful and gorgeous. >> we look forward to bringing this team and doing what we have been able to accomplish in brooklyn right here in long island. >> reporter: by team, barclays' ceo doesn't mean the nassau islanders. the [ indiscernible ] will only play a handful of games a year. but fans see the $260 million overhaul as a skate in the right direction. >> i hope i'm alive to see them come back. >> redo this? never know. >> reporter: unions applaud the 1500 construction jobs
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year-old venue to host concerts, festivals, minor league basketball and boxing. with local farm offerings, coastal seafood, local craft beers and wines, the surrounding plaza transformed with new restaurants, a movie theater and technology, all with private dollars. >> we really think we can convert half of the property, one will be a sports and entertainment center, and the other will be a biotechnology park. >> reporter: expect an opening concert by early 2017. what will this place be named? county officials promise it will never drop the words nassau veterans memorial coliseum. in uniondale, long island, carolyn gusoff, cbs 2 news. >> the deal is in the works with a corporate partner that will add its name to the coliseum title. on staten island, a special breakfast ceremony to honor military veterans. students at st. albert's school paid tribute to more than 150 vets who have served
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our country. they remembered staff sergeant michael [ indiscernible ] in august of 2013 he was killed in a suicide bombing in afghanistan while saving the life of polish soldier. that man's family attended the ceremony along with the sergeant's family. >> they have taken michael into their arms and into their families. he is big part of it now. really heartwarming. >> the morning's event included performances by those students. well, when you hear the term virtual reality, what do you think of? >> maybe -- [ laughter ] >> -- funny looking glasses? medical professionals are using the technology to treat some very real and serious problems. cbs 2's dr. max gomez shows us how it works. >> reporter: for michael, air travel used to induce anxiety, so much so that sometimes he would actually get off the
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so when he found out about a trial to face his fear using virtual reality -- >> i jumped at the opportunity. >> reporter: after several sessions with the virtual reality headset, combined with therapy and an abundance of reading material about the he was cured. >> i was amazed. i was gratified. i attributed that to the virtual reality therapy. >> reporter: now some doctors are using virtual reality for treatment of a host of different phobias including. >> driving, fear of heights, fear of needles and blood draws, fear of bugs like spiders, fear of swimming, fear of elevators. >> reporter: elizabeth mcmahon says virtual reality is a useful tool because it lets patients confront what scares them gradually in a controlled setting with a guidance of a trained therapist. >> we can individualize this to be most effective for exactly what you need to get over your fear. >> reporter: and the use of virtual reality in medicine goes beyond phobias.
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>> it's becoming a more common part of clinical practice and treatment because the technology is cheaper, better and less complex. the range of areas includes psychological treatments, cognitive assessment and rehabilitation, physical therapy is a big area. >> reporter: virtual reality has also been helping veterans and other trauma victims with ptsd and even though the patient obviously knows what he is facing is just virtual the brain reacts as if it's in the real world. it still requires a trained therapist to make it work and these improved graphics are now so realistic that also helps because it really does feel real. >> mm-hm. >> the real deal. >> helps them take baby steps. >> yes. exactly. >> thank you. let's see if we can break some records in regards to temperatures around here. >> lonnie quinn with some answers on that. hey, lonnie. >> good afternoon to you. i think tomorrow is the day to do it. if we are going to see the record it would be tomorrow. take a peek right now. we had a cloudy sky. we have had a cloudy sky all
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the fog is now starting to set up. 66 degrees. look at your relative humidity, 92%, saturated out there. 71 your high. the record is 78. so you didn't see that today. well above the normal of 57. taking a peek at the rainfall we picked up today, we are going to see a little bit of rain not too much of anything. you know, .01" for a few spots out there including central park. .02" for bridgeport, connecticut but not a rainy day. it's been misty, cloudy, damp out there but not a lot of rain and still a couple of little showers along the connecticut shoreline on the north shore, as well. and you can see that sort of like pop-up shower chance through the nighttime hours. evenly for your morning tomorrow the flow won't change. still coming in from the southwest so you see a little rain could make its way in here for the morning hours and then you look at this area, okay? so rain in the morning, maybe up until, say, 10 a.m., light shower chance. a little break from 10 a.m. to 2 p.m. then more clouds will come in with another rain chance later on friday. and that's going to be the cold front that will lower
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of the weekend. but take a look at this. for tonight, 62 degrees. foggy, a few showers out there. then for tomorrow, your record right now on the books is 74 degrees. i believe it's all about that 10 to 2 window tomorrow. morning showers and cloud cover and it breaks up a bit. if you in fact get that break and some strong sunshine, pockets of it, you could go up to 75 degrees. i think it will be a record out there. going to be warm. cloud cover to start, then a break in the clouds, and more cloud cover to end it off. but in between, i think we'll be re-- we'll be rewriting the book tomorrow. back to you. >> have to find some summer clothes. >> dust them off. >> thank you. as we continue here at 5:00 it's a moment that ripped apart his life. >> it was hard to watch. i'm ashamed. >> still ahead, hear how the man caught on camera attacking an uber driver is explaining his violent outburst. >> first dana tyler has a look at what's coming up at 6:00.
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>> reporter: in the newsroom at tony aiello's desk, he is working on a story tonight. we all know how the city gives letter grades to restaurant. there's a proposal to do the same thing for daycare centers. >> grade a, b, c for daycare centers based on things such as training of the staff and safety of the facility. it's being supported by the parents of this beautiful little boy who died last summer at an unlicensed daycare center. >> that's at 6:00 tonight. thank you, tony. also tonight, at 6:00, archeologists called in to washington square park to help solve a century old mystery uncovered at a construction site. those stories and more tonight at 6:00. star light star bright, the first star i see tonight i wish i may, i wish i might,
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sa angelina jolie admits that she had a tough time deciding to film a nude scene in her latest movie because of her double mastectomy. the celebrity's willingness to speak out about her insecurities has touched breast cancer survivors here in our area. cbs 2's jennifer mclogan reports. >> reporter: life has changed for breast cancer survivor kristine of smithtown who had dribble breast reconstruction following mastectomy. >> there are moments when i'm trying to change in class or whatever. >> reporter: the divorced mother of two is back exercising and working full time and no longer needing a
5:24 pm
>> do i, you know, disclose that i had breast cancer immediately and, um, obviously, there is scarring and it is an issue that i have to deal with. >> reporter: she is also a volunteer with adelphi breast cancer hotline where there's vigorous discussion among survivors regarding angelina jolie's honesty admitting to the "new york times" that she has qualms about being nude in her latest movie. there are lots of scenes i wanted to change or cut. i realized it was going to be me in that bathtub but i told myself, put all of that aside, you can't change or cut that scene because you have had a mastectomy. that would be cheating. >> not only is it the physical scars but the psychological scars that come with t for a celebrity to come out and talk about it makes other women feel they can overcome this. >> reporter: reconstructive surgeons say it takes time for a woman to be at peace with body changes. >> so when i counsel a patient i tell them it's a journey to
5:25 pm
continue to feel whole again. and it's important to undertake that journey and know that there's a life at the end of the tunnel -- light at the end of the turn. >> reporter: for some angelina jolie can help lead the way. >> it could be a very powerful lesson in life. >> reporter: with conversations, support and dramatic changes in breast surgery, reconstruction and survival, many women may be able to put the scars behind them. on long island, jennifer mclogan, cbs 2 news.. >> they opted for preventative as ma mastectomy. suddenly i felt somebody standing behind me. >> coming up, tossed to the ground with her baby in her arms the attack that has her frightened for her safety. >> new information about the woman accused of swiping treats on halloween. >> raising a child is challenging. we'll show you how mothers are
5:26 pm
coming together to help each
5:27 pm
and anyone can try it. new this half-hour, a nursing mother mugged in manhattan. a woman opens up about a
5:28 pm
frightening attack at a popular park. good evening, i'm kristine johnson. >> welcome back. i'm maurice dubois. the woman was enjoying some quiet time with her daughter when a knife-wielding robber approached and what happened next has this manhattan mother living in fear. cbs 2's hazel sanchez reports. >> reporter: she says she can't shake the terror she felt when a man attacked her and her precious 6-month-old park. kill me. in that moment i was -- yeah, i thought this is it. >> reporter: it happened around 5:30 friday. she had just finished breast- feeding her daughter kelly on a peaceful hillside bench overlooking riverside drive in inwood. police say a man identified as 31-year-old juan garcia armed with a knife grabbed her from behind, causing her to plunge forward. the baby falling face down to the ground. >> and she was screaming, panicly. like, ah, ah!
5:29 pm
>> reporter: she says she grabbed the child and screamed for help. >> please, anybody help me! help! i was screaming very, very loud. and then i said, please, take my money and the bag. that's what i remember. and he pulled the bag from my stroller and ran away. >> reporter: she says the attacker also took her cell phone. she ran and found a stranger in the park who called police. cops quickly found and arrested garcia using the find my iphone app which tracks her cell phone. >> it's never going to be the same. that beautiful feeling that i used to have living here. >> reporter: she says she is looking for a new safe haven to spend quiet time with her daughter. and she says she will never come back here. in fort tryon park, hazel sanchez, cbs2 news. >> juan garcia is charge with robbery, criminal possession of a weapon, grand larceny and also endangering the welfare
5:30 pm
he is being held on $50,000 bond. new information tonight on the woman caught on camera stealing halloween candy on staten island. police arrested 33-year-old rash shah roman and charged her with petit larceny. see could face a year in jail -- she could face a year in jail. police say she stole buckets of candy and toys from a family's front porch last saturday. a market executive caught on camera violently attacking an uber driver is finally speaking out about that assault. as cbs 2's stacie butler reports, the passenger is apologizing for the attack that got him arrested and fired from him job. >> i have been trying not to read what's being said, but -- [ crying ] >> -- i'm not that person. if people could understand that, i would really appreciate it. >> reporter: in an exclusive interview, ben golden the newport beach man seen beating an uber driver on this viral video breaks his silence.
5:31 pm
>> that's not me. [ crying ] >> in the video. you know? it's not me. and, um, it was hard to watch. and i'm ashamed. and what's taken me so long to anybody is because i have been scared. >> reporter: police say it was golden who assaulted 23-year- old edward repeatedly october 30 when he said get out of the car after golden couldn't give an address where he was going. we showed the victim golden's interview. >> he says that's not him but that's the only him that i know. it was him who had the first drink. it was him who made the decision to go out that night. it was him who made the decision to get into the uber. >> reporter: he says any apology golden wants to offer isn't welcome. >> i don't trust him because i'm not sure he would feel the same way of if this didn't go viral. i don't know whether he is crying because he has been outed. >> reporter: golden is facing charges of assault and disorderly conduct. >> i worked so hard and i had a stupid night that's my fault.
5:32 pm
and, um, i have thrown everything away. this has been -- [ crying ] >> -- it's been overwhelming. and, um, at the end of the day, i -- i -- i messed up. i crossed the line, right? and, um, i apologize to mr. [ indiscernible ] i would like to talk to him at some point. >> reporter: he said he is afraid of golden. he says if he ever showed up at his front door to apologize, he would run! for cbs news, stacie butler, los angeles. >> golden pleaded guilty to a dui charge three years ago. he says he doesn't think he has a drinking problem. remember that pair of governments we told but yesterday eluding an effort to herd them to safety? well, they were roaming alongside the garden state parkway in new jersey. and we are happy to tell you humane society officials captured the goats this morning and they are now safe. the goats will likely be transported to a humane society farm to li with other animals.
5:33 pm
>> thankfully that one ended well. this is video that may have you asking, how did they do that? two people flying apparently next to a jet. what's behind this high-flying stunt. >> we are in a mediterranean villa on long island's gold coast. this place is an entertainer's paradise. in fact, i'm standing on a into your that looks down to the indoor -- on a floor that looks down into the indoor swimming pool in "living large." >> in 1940, president roosevelt won a third term in office. he would eventually serve four
5:34 pm
1945. we're here in the streets of new york, spreading the news about the real possibilities aarp is creating across the five boroughs. because if you don't think real possibilities in new york city when you think aarp, then you don't know "aarp". we're working with you to make new york city a better place to live, work, and play. fighting for you by taking on the issues that matter and rediscovering the city with you at discounted events all around town.
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in tonight's "living large" we go to long island's gold coast to a home we call the area's opulent romantic escape from hectic life. here's cbs 2's emily smith. >> reporter: a mediterranean villa sits on 2.5 acres.
5:36 pm
[ music ] >> look up and see the natural light come through and if you look down we are on top of the indoor swimming pool. >> i see the hot tub. >> reporter: beautiful mill work and attention to detail catch the eye. long wide hallways with marble floors and archways bring you to the formal entertaining spaces. >> the home is symmetrical so on this side of the house we have the beautiful sun lit formal living room. if you notice, we have windows and doors on three sides. >> reporter: french doors and beautiful mahogany floors. in the home office, more mahogany, mixed with brick for a transitional style. >> kitchen is all top of the line appliances. >> reporter: there's plenty of space for cooking and eating in a breakfast nook nestled in a tower. the ceiling is high. we took a bridal staircase to the bedroom level where you find six rooms, the master
5:37 pm
you can step into a master suite sitting room. >> tall ceilings a lot of great lights. beautiful space. >> reporter: comfortable chairs. [ laughter ] >> so you can always watch tv and just have a nice conversation. >> reporter: from here, head out to your private balcony. >> you can just enjoy yourself in the privacy and it's very quiet as we can see. >> reporter: and finally, the lower level set up as a private spa. jacuzzi, anything and everything that you need. >> reporter: to live large on the gold coast of long island, it will cost you $6,350,000. >> only thing missing mediterranean sea. >> margaritas. >> and some other stuff. [ laughter ] >> taxes about $85,000 a year. >> beautiful property.
5:38 pm
this man is married to one of the most famous women in the world and barbra streisand gave james brolin advice as he started his new gig. he shared it with us next. >> what is this skunk doing? the odd moment that was caught on camera. i don't know. [ laughter ] >> what is that? >> it looks like a puppet! [ laughter ] >> don't go anywhere! shot fight. three new jersey women said no to getting the flu shot this year and now they fear they could be fired. we'll explain at 6:00. also, danger right next door. firefighters with the warning for homeowners and renters. what could put you and firefighters at greater risk if a fire breaks out. and a new discover under water square park another vault with human remains found today. how this is unlocking secrets of new york city's past.
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that can change as needs change, so your aging loved ones can stay happy and healthy in their own home. judge for yourself. check out this scene. it's not from the upcoming
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two stuntmen wearing jetpacks seem to be racing a superjumbo jet more than 4,000 feet above dubai. the double-decker airbus plane is the largest passenger jet in the world with more than 600 seats. the aircraft belongs to emirates airlines and they claim the video is real. >> nerves of steel. right? >> am i being punk here? >> apparently it is. >> this really happened. >> it happened. >> okay. and there's the video to, apparently, prove it. i say. all right. well, nasa has new reason to believe there may have been life on mars. this animation here demonstrates why it now appears the red planet once had an atmosphere that kept it warm and created an environment in which rivers flourished but strong solar winds blew away the protective barren. in "evidence" comes from a spacecraft called maven. >> the analogy i use is when
5:43 pm
wet hair and it's breezy out and it just sort -- the wind sort of whips through your hair and pulls away the water. >> the change in the planet's atmosphere would not have happened overnight. it could have occurred over the course of "a bill years" the scientists "surmise." life in pieces a comedy about a big happy family and the warm funny moments that make up their lives. playing the family patriarch is james brolin. alex denis report. >> reporter: james brolin is in a new cbs comedy life in pieces. >> what are you doing? >> we have to do it this way so we can both watch charlie rose. >> reporter: parents to three adult children follows the happy family as each member approaches a different milestone in his life. each story line is told in four and five-minute vignettes. >> each segment resolves its ridiculousness or doesn't and
5:44 pm
you go wait a minute and then they change to another scene. >> reporter: the loose format was a change for the 55-year veteran actor. >> i got worried i had no background in formal comedy. >> reporter: so to prepare, brolin read four books about the art of comedy. but he admits the best advice he received was from his wife of 17 years, barbra streisand. >> she said to me, the greatest clue every joke has to be based on honesty. just stay honest. because you know, she is incapable of telling a lie. when i say -- well, tell them we're busy that night. she will go, that's not true. all you're trying to do is get out of a dinner. >> reporter: streisand's words of wisdom paid off. life in piece was the most watched comedy debut in four years. he attributes it to the cast. >> i said who is going south on me? not one of them. a permanent cast of 11 and they are all just delicious. >> reporter: accustomed to number one tv shows he has been the star of several.
5:45 pm
streisand share a strict family rule when it comes to work. >> we do things very quickly and very efficiently. so we can get back in bed as soon as possible. [ laughter ] >> lazy to the core. >> you can catch james brolin in life in pieces at 8:31 tonight right here on cbs 2. [ laughter ] >> and we do that because dvrs need to be set and we want to give the exact time. >> it's very important to be precise. >> 8:31. >> not 32. >> or 30. >> no. >> all right. now to some wild video of wildlife. a skunk shows off his acrobatic skills. look at this! >> really? >> i don't know if this is real. >> again. >> this is video of a spotted skunk doing a hand stand. the park service shared this video from a national park in arizona. the trick is part of the animal's defense mechanism. the park service says that before spraying a nasty scent at the potential predator,
5:46 pm
spotted skunks sometimes do a hand stand to intimidate possible aggressors. [ laughter ] >> seriously? >> that is so funny! >> what else do they do? >> i don't know. but he is pretty good at it! a world record. [ laughter ] >> am i the only one that finds that funny? >> maybe. [ laughter ] >> okay. >> somewhat funny. >> i'll just laugh to myself. denver, colorado is getting hit by its first snowstorm of the season. >> take a look at this snow dusting the foothills outside of denver. temperatures dropped 20 degrees over the last few days. got into the mid-40s today. >> whoo. snow. and meantime, break out the shorts here, right? >> that's right. mild. lonnie is talking about. >> remember we were talking before the season really got, you know, under way we were saying it's a big el nino year and el nino would typically bring out west a big winter and we would have maybe a lot activity but not necessarily temperatures always cold enough for snow so we'll wait to see how things unfold but right now we check in with the
5:47 pm
westchester and they are reporting temperatures basically in the 60s when we check in with the weather watchers. a 65 in cedar grove. new york city comes in with a sky that's foggy and misty out there and the temperature right now is 66 degrees. sort of a similar feel all around the area. headlines looking like this. the warmest day of this little span of heat in november will be your day tomorrow. friday is going to be the warmest yet. much of november in fact looks to be on the mild side. this is the jet stream in an average november. a flat pattern. but right now we have a summer pattern. we get that big ridge in our area fills up with the warm southwest air and you have those big temperatures out there. right? mid-70s for some folks tomorrow. well, what we think is going to happen and what all the models are indicating now for the rest of the month is it's not going to stay like this. that would be crazy. it's going to start to moderate a bit but still it comes down to the point where you're still on the warmer side of the jet stream so
5:48 pm
look, i think that there will still be some dips out there and big drops but not like a real prolonged sustained super cold snap. it looks to be a milder-than- average november. skies overhead are cloudy but not too much rain. i want you to look what's out west, okay? this is a front. and it's a cold front around st. louis. it's going to move through our area probably later tomorrow night. a chance for rain during the morning hours with a little bit of this action right around the chesapeake could roll in. that's your morning. then your afternoon could see some clearing out there with those warm temperatures and then the front comes through but the colder air behind that front would hold off. as of now your rain chances out there would be just like what the radar is showing that light green color which is a light rain. nobody is really seeing any big numbers in terms of rainfall today. for tomorrow, there will be clouds out there to start off your day then breaks of sun and more clouds later and a rain chance, just not a lot of rain. 75 though. the record is 74 degrees. as you get to the weekend, saturday, cooler than that, 75 degrees. 65.
5:49 pm
but you have more clouds that will still be left over from the front. and then you get to sunday a brighter day but cooler. 55. 55 on sunday would actually be a click or two below average. here are the numbers. 75 friday. clouds to start, breaks of sun, clouds to finish. saturday more clouds are sticking around at 65. sunday the brighter day at 55. monday you're 58 with a nice sky. tuesday lots of sunshine at 60. near 62 on wednesday. more average for this time of the year. >> what, the last warm day? >> listen, no. we have had 70s around here -- remember a couple years ago we christmas. >> no. i'm not ruling it out yet. way it is. i'm not going to rule it out. >> thank you. parents used to rely on family and friends for advice in raising children. now some are turning to up next, how virtual communities are giving support
5:50 pm
to parents in a whole new way. >> and then at 6:00 demanding answers, 1600 miles away! what mayor de blasio said when we showed up to ask him questions in puerto rico. and what we just learned from city hall. (vo) if you live in new york and you're eligible for medicare, empire blue cross blue shield can help you get a great plan at a great rate! our medicare advantage plans pay for many of the costs original medicare doesn't. so you can focus on other important decisions. empire plans help protect you from high medical costs. members have access to our trusted network of local and national doctors and hospitals, and can visit doctors 24/7 from home with livehealth online. plus get dental coverage, vision benefits, prescription drug coverage and
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don't forget to follow us on facebook at like our page. a lot of moms are turning to social media to help each other out. they are joining virtual communities to get advice on everything from diapers to divorce. cbs 2's cindy hsu has the story. >> reporter: while some mothers get to know each other at the playground, many are expanding their circles by joining mommy groups online. >> ah! >> reporter: alissa meier has three young children and uses the sites all the time. >> it's been great. i don't know what i would do actually without it. i was able to meet so many people and get so much advice. >> reporter: jen marchetti is a working mom with three young boys. she started the group ridgewood moms on facebook. >> it started with me. three years ago it was just one. and now i reach over 55,000 people in northern new jersey and new york city.
5:53 pm
>> reporter: you will find everything from alerts about crime in the area to advice about life changes. >> your kids have just left for college and you're in a new place in your life or you want to go back and start a career or you're going through a divorce. >> reporter: dr. stephanie says being part of an online community of mothers helps keep her connected since she can't always be at pickup or drop-off. >> i love to read the articles that are being written by other mothers because as a mom, a lot of these things that they talk about can really resonate with me and make me feel like i'm not alone. >> reporter: janet kelly is a 61-year-old grandmother. tell me what you think about social media and all the mommy groups that are on social media. >> i think social media is a wonderful thing. i think it's something that i didn't have when i was a young mom. >> reporter: but social media expert erica kaufmann says be very selective before you join an online community. >> first try to get a suggestion from trusted friends. it would be great to have a
5:54 pm
group that is local to you so that it's relevant. >> reporter: many start with facebook. just plug in your neighborhood and the word mom and you'll likely find lots of choices. in ridgewood, new jersey, cindy hsu, cbs 2 news. >> when it comes to posting on these sites, be careful. experts say you should treat anything you're going to share online like a corporate email. >> good advice. that's it for us here at 5:00. we'll see you again at 11:00. the news at 6:00 starts right now. captions by: caption colorado linda macdonald is captioning for you in real time. protecting children with the abcs. a proposal to give daycare centers letter grades like the ones give to new york city restaurants. flu shot fight. some of new jersey women say they are about to be fired for not getting flu shots this year. but first, demanding answers and not giving up. mayor de blasio wouldn't answer marcia kramer's questions in new york yesterday.
5:55 pm
>> he is going to puerto rico tomorrow to do the health care rally. he will be have an avail in puerto rico tomorrow. >> and so today, marcia traveled to san juan, performed. good evening, i'm dana tyler. cbs 2 political reporter marcia kramer was trying to get answers about a homeless encampment in the city but his spokesman told her the mayor was not taking questions yesterday but will today in puerto rico. not the answer we expected. but not deterred. marcia flew overnight 1600 miles to san juan. she is live there now to tell us what happened when she came face to face with mayor de blasio today. marcia. well? >> reporter: mayor de blasio seems to be softening his position on answering questions from the press. but how long will it last? do you plan to take more off topic questions, mr. mayor? >> we have a vision that we think is the right vision.
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